We make our labels specifically to integrate with our machines for the best possible performance of your produce labeling system. Since our inception, we have had an active materials development and manufacturing improvement program. Our intent is to manufacture the best labels for your produce, at the best price, and ensure that the labels work properly in Pro Label equipment. We manufacture a proprietary, FDA/EU compliant material that is highly flexible and conforms to the wide variety of produce. We even have special adhesives for difficult to label products.

We can help with all phases of label production. We can use your existing art and adapt it to the size needed for labeling produce or we can work with you to design your own completely unique label.

We have no annual minimum purchase requirements. You order what you need. And if you find your crop has changed in terms of size mix or volume, you can adjust mid season. No more rooms full of labels waiting to be used. You control your inventory.

Pro Label International